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About the Artist

Hank Erdmann has been a professional photographer since 1980. Hank specializes in natural history and travel photography in North America. His images have been published in numerous calendars, magazines, books, and advertising pieces.

His extensive image library of film and high-resolution digital files are available for purchase for publication and art prints. Image use is licensed for one-time usage rights unless negotiated otherwise. Image use fees can be paid by credit card or may be invoiced for payment.

Any image is available for art prints in any size, however maximum print size varies dependant of the original format the image was created in.  Call or email Hank for information and/or a price quote.  "I price my work for the simple enjoyment of looking at an image on your wall, not as an exotic collectable, ie: Reasonable!"

"I have only one employee unfortunately; myself, and that emplyee is not always available (on the road or "too" busy with some other project), so lead times in making prints, matting and framing which I normally do myself and shipping can make for longer lead time than I'd wish.  To that effort, I now have what I consider some of my best images on a site; Fine Art America.com where you can order the image of choice with numerous or no matting and framing choices and many other products.  Want one of my images on your shower curatin?  I didn't thnink so but you can do that or put one on a t-shirt or a pillow or god knows what.  Silly, yes, but they also make ordering wall art much more timely."
Check out the site at: https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/hank-erdmann

Hank teaches photography workshops and seminars and leads phototours for various entities. Workshop information is available on this site on the workshop page or by emailing Hank at hankphoto77@gmail.com. Hank has taught at the Clearing Folk School of the Art and Humanities for 29 years and my annual autumn photography workshop is designed for all talent and interest levels.

Hank also is available for presentations, programs and public speaking engagements. I am happy to have resumed live presentations within a couple hours travel from my home in the suburban Chicago area, or via virtual online presentations anywhere in the world. Contact email: hankphoto77@gmail.com, Contact telephone: 815.260.8800

Hank Erdmann resides in Will County, Illinois. He has photographed throughout North America, making the Midwest his primary geographic area of interest. A love of history, especially the maritime history of the Great Lakes, kindles a special interest in the ports, shorelines, islands and natural areas of Lakes Michigan and Superior and their surrounding environs. 

"My photographs are an expression of excitement and joy at seeing a fleeting moment when nature takes light and through color, form, line and texture and creates an image that leaves a lasting impression in my mind. Occasionally, I'm fortunate to record such images. Man's involvement with nature sometimes can cause striking images as well. I photograph scenes that show man's enjoyment of nature, his sharing and use of it, his abuse of it, and nature's effects on man made objects.

I try to capture a piece of reality, a brief moment in the history of a subject. When making documentative images, I do not attempt to change nature or portray it as something it is not. I may take a piece of nature out of context, in the spirit of the great Eliot Porter, to make a more powerful statement with impact and interest. I also make other images of nature, images that explore seeing the natural image differently, making photographs of the natural world that go beyond the literal interpretation, using line, shape, form, color, pattern, texture and movement in nature to create more artistic statements"

Blog Archive

I have been writing a photography blog for many years.  I write aboout photography and art in general, about photographic composition  for the most part. I do not write about technical topics like software and processing techniques, both things I use daily, but topics I feel are better off left to those who are far more knowledgeable than I. The blog is free, and free of advertising, and you can be added to the distribution list by requesting the blog by emailing me at hankphoto77@gmail.com.

Blog archives are in the Blog Archives gallery.  To download a free copy of any of the blogs, just "purchase" a copy for the very low price of $0.00.